City Skyline
Photo courtesy of Louisville Convention & Visitors Bureau

General housing opens on May 19th at 11am (CST)

Alternative Hotel Options

AirbnbVRBO and Rent Like A Champion are online community marketplaces that connect people looking to rent their homes with people who are looking for accommodations. 

New! RV Parking at the KEC

Parking for RV’s will be available for $30/night right on the KEC grounds. For additional information or to make a reservation contact:
Access Control office- KEC: 502-367-5380

Please Note: Airbnb and VRBO not official show partners; Show Management does not have control over their rates or policies. Show shuttle transportation is not provided to any of these properties.

Beware of Unofficial Housing Offers!

Please be aware some third party travel companies may attempt to solicit housing for ICUEE 2017. These companies are not authorized by Show Management and may provide false information regarding the availability of rooms at hotels within the show housing program.

If you are contacted by a travel company other than Experient, please immediately notify Show Management at Show Management works to prevent the unauthorized solicitation of ICUEE 2017 exhibitors and attendees.