Get the most out of your experience as an exhibitor at ICUEE with these exclusive live and on-demand webinars. Show Management has designed these highly informative sessions presented by top industry professionals covering everything from hotel booking to lead follow-up strategies to maximizing your ROI. These sessions are less than an hour in length and are free of charge for registered exhibitors.

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Exhibitor Logistics

Getting My Freight In & Out

It seems simply, you stick a label on it and it ships but there is much more to it when sending to show site. Attend this webinar to demystify the process so you know exactly what is happening with your freight both in and out bound.

Learning Objectives:

  • Understand installation advance shipment and marshaling yard procedures
  • Know polices for crate storage/return and deliver/pick-up from privately owned vehicles
  • Discover other how to schedule pick-up and other dismantling tips
Presented by: Kelly Lang & Michelle Sanford, AEM View Webinar
ICUEE 2017: Know BEFORE You Go

There are hundreds of details you need to keep track of before you arrive at the show. When will my freight be delivered? Where do I go for a work pass? When can I set up my booth? Can I still order AV or lead retrieval systems? Where do I park? When can I pick up my badge? Who do I call for help? This webinar will address some of those common questions so you can have a great show.

Learning Objectives:

  • Learn service locations and processes with exhibitor registration, logistics, and shipping
  • Learn about freight and order timing
  • Learn who to call when you have questions

Download the presentation slides.

Presented by: ICUEE Show Management Team View Webinar
Prepping for the Show: Be Ahead of the Game!

Make sure you have everything ready before you arrive in Louisville. Don’t wait until hotels sell out and service costs increase. This webinar will show you how to book your rooms, alternative housing options, and guide you through our Exhibitor Services Manual. 

Learning Objectives:
•Review deadline dates to avoid increased costs and cancellation fees
•Know what your alternative options are when the show block has sold out
•Learn how to navigate the exhibitor services manual

Presented by: Kelly Lang, AEM View Webinar

Marketing & Promotion

Sponsortunities: See What's New for ICUEE 2017!

Do you think all of the good sponsorship opportunities are taken or that your budget doesn’t permit participation? Think again! Attend this webinar to learn about the great opportunities that are available and how you can take full advantage of extending your brand at ICUEE beyond your booth space. 

Learning Objectives: 

  • Learn options for all exhibitors, no matter your budget or objective 
  • Discover what measures you can get post-show to prove ROI 
  • Understand how extending your brand can benefit you 
Presented by: Maxx Lebiecki, AEM View Webinar
Increase Lead Generation with In-Booth Education

Join Show Management for an engaging conversation about in-booth education tactics. We will provide you with the tools to develop education that build relationships that extend beyond the show.

Learning Objectives:

  • Gain key tips on how to select presenters and topics that will increase booth traffic
  • Learn how to develop content that drives long-term brand awareness and customer relations
  • Learn how to prepare for your in-booth education (i.e. AV, handouts, scheduling)
Presented by: Brooke Konopacki, AEM View Webinar
Maximizing Your Company Visibility—Upgrades That Help You POP!

Time is money. Attendees plan who they are going to visit at the show in advance. By having your basic information listed in the online directory, attendees can plan their visit to your booth. If you really want to grab their attention, you’ll need to upgrade. Watch this webinar to learn how to maximize your return and generate more qualified leads!

Learning Objectives:

  • Understand how to maximize your search results
  • Realize how to engage attendees with content
  • Learn how to generate leads
Presented by: Brett Glatfelter, Map Your Show View Webinar
Pre-Show Promotion - How You Can Go From Good Show to GREAT Show

The show countdown has started, but there is still time to work with ICUEE Show Management to ensure you stand out from the crowd. Learn how you can design a free customized direct mail campaign before the August 11 deadline, grow awareness of new products, and send out high-deliverability emails to your customers and prospects.

Learning Objectives:

  • Discover what options are still available to market through the marketing kit
  • Understand how to order postcards and/or email
  • Find out how to utilize your code to save your customers/prospects money
Presented by: Josh Peeples, AEM View Webinar

Planning & Execution

Lead Follow-up: Strategies & Tools for Post-Show Success

The numbers are staggering: 80% of exhibitors don't follow up on leads they collect from the show. Don't let your investment in a lead system go to waste through lost sales opportunities. Attend this live webinar to hear innovated practices and what tools ICUEE has to help.

Learning Objectives:

  • Learn how to access your lead and eventBit data
  • Learn how to use your data year-round
Presented by: Kimberley Kraft, Experient Inc. View Webinar
Managing Unions, Contractors & Costs

Confused by the different types of contractors (i.e. General Contractor vs. Exhibitor Appointed Contractor) and what their roles are? Not sure what the various union jurisdiction rules are at the Kentucky Exposition Center and what you can and can’t do? Understand these differences and how to manage some of the costs associated with the various contractors.

Learning Objectives:

  • Discover the advantages of working with the show’s General Service Contractor vs. an Exhibitor Appointed Service Contractor
  • Learn what type of work exhibitors (and their full-time employees) can perform in booth spaces
  • Explore ways to minimize and avoid material handling and freight shipping costs
Presented by: Steve Larsen, Fern Decorating Co. View Webinar
Booth Designs for Small Budgets

Concerned that your booth will get lost in the trade show floor because you don’t have a big budget for big productions? Not to worry, this session will teach you how to create a memorable impact and increase visibility with some design tricks of the trade.

Learning Objectives: 

  • Learn the advantages of renting exhibits and furnishings vs. purchasing and shipping those items to the event
  • Learn how to use graphics and signage to enhance and accentuate your products and brands
  • Hear other cost-cutting measures from material handling to exhibit furnishings
Presented by: Greg Pignatiello, Fern View Webinar
Outdoor Designs & Graphics that Pop

Experiencing some challenges in your outdoor booth design? Do you want to see what other industries are doing to capture the attendee’s eye? Want to know how to create an experience attendee’s will remember long after the show has wrapped up? Attend this interactive session that will delve into those best practices and give you practical tips for delivering results in your outdoor space.

Learning Objectives: 

  • Learn what design strategies and structures compliment outdoor equipment displays
  • Discover the best exhibit materials to use outdoors (i.e. flooring options, banner materials, etc.)
  • Learn how to address weather concerns in your booth design
Presented by: Valerie LeDoux, Fern View Webinar
Rookies: A How-To Guide to Successful Exhibiting

Are you a first-time exhibitor and not sure where to even start? Not to worry – this fast-paced session will help you navigate the confusing first show experience. Learn how to plan your trade show exhibit strategy, tactics, exhibit staff training, and logistics. You’ll also get a checklist and budget template to use.

Learning Objectives:

  • Learn some of the basic building blocks to keep your show planning on target 
  • Learn the 10 things that can mean the difference between success and failure
  • Understand the 10 most critical things every novice exhibit manager should know
Presented by: Candy Adams, The Booth Mom™ View Webinar
More Than a Smile: Preparing Your Booth Staff for Success

The people side of the equation is often missed in the booth planning process. You can have an innovative design and marketing campaign, but if the people staffing your booth are not ready for the challenge, then you won’t be meeting your objectives for the show. It’s more than just a smile and a badge scan—it’s part of your brands booth experience. Is your staff memorable by being knowledgeable, engaging, and good listeners to customers’ needs? Or is the impression you’re leaving one of indifference, unavailability, and not knowledgeable? Learn how to be impressive.

Learning Objectives:

  • Learn the six steps of effective interaction with attendees
  • Discover what attendees expect and how you can exceed their expectations
  • Understand what information to share with your exhibit staff so they hit the ground running when the show opens
Presented by: Candy Adams, The Booth Mom™ View Webinar

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